“Couldn’t have asked for better!

Kerry was an excellent teacher! Not only did i manage to pass first time thanks to her, but i also feel comfortable on things not in the test like motorway driving and 3-point-turn. Kerry has always been calm and encouraging from the very lesson. I would, and already have, recommend Kerry to anyone who wants an incredible teacher. Thank you Kerry!!!!!!!”

Joseph Bryant 31/05/2019


“Brilliant Teaching with a lot of patience for her students.

I highly recommend KSM ! Managed to pass with only 3 minors. Thank You Kerry for all your help and hard work.”

Max Thompson 15/05/2019



Passed first time with Kerry and always felt in good hands. Brilliant teacher and would definitely recommend!”

Jade Carvalho – 30/01/2019

“The Best!

Could not have asked for a better instructor than Kerry, I passed first time and was fully prepared with her help, she helped build up my confidence and driving skills and I always looked forward to my next lesson”

Ethan McMurray 07/11/2018

“Absolutely amazing!

Passed first time with KSM. She is a wonderful instructor and would always recommend her to anyone who is looking to learn. Even if you aren’t happy with your current instructor, see if KSM is free. She is one of the best, if not THE BEST that I have been with/seen. 10/10. Thank you Kerry!”

Ben Bishop 23/06/2018


I managed to pass my test first time with the help of kerry who is a really friendly and encouraging who has taught me so much in the 24 lessons I had. She was always on time and replies quickly to any messages. I highly recomend her to anyone looking to start driving, Thankyou so much for helping me gain my licence !”

Tia Stephenson 09/05/2018

“Passed first time!

After going with several instructors, I was recommended Kerry by a friend. Least to say I passed first my theory and practical first time! Kerry is a reliable, easy going instructor! Would definitely recommend!!”

Lauren Everns 18/04/2018

“Highly Recommend

Kerry helped me past my test first time by the fact she is very easy to get along with and she makes you feel at ease when you are driving. I highly recommend Kerry”

Mason Seagroatt 18/01/2018

”  Superb

Managed to pass my test first time in less than 2 months with great knowledge on everything about the tests and anything you could need to do with driving! Been absolutely great! Patient and easy to talk to. Thanks again!”

James Gompels 09/12/2017

“Amazing instructor !!

Passed my driving test first time in under half a year because of Kerry’s wonderful, expert teaching skills. Makes you feel very calm and confident when driving and always there for help, advice and motivation. Highly recommend KSM! Thank you Kerry !xxx”

Lily Schofiled 30/11/2017

” Kerry.

We are just dropping you a quick note to thank you for your patience and ultimate success in teaching Fiona to drive. We are really pleased with the success and we both know that Fiona really enjoyed her lessons with you. We very much hope that we will be able to use your skills again in about 2 years when James, our son, will be 17.

Thank you again

Iain and Claire Wilson”

“Fantastic Instructor

Kerry is a fantastic instructor! I was so nervous, but Kerry was always so patient. She explained everything clearly and I really enjoyed the lessons – something I didn’t think would be possible as I was so nervous when I started. She made sure I was fully prepared for my test and thanks to her I passed first time! I would highly recommend her 🙂 “

Fiona Wilson 21/11/2017

” Highly Recommend

Kerry was an amazing instructor that really helped me with everything! she kept me calm when i was nervous, she is so easy to talk to and can also have a laugh with her! defo recommend kerry “

Holly James 07/11/2017

“Kerry is a very good instructor she is very easy to get along with and has helped me pass my test 1st time. She is very calming and she gave me the confidence on the road and taught me very well. Would recommend to others.”

Luke Dyer 04/07/2017

“I really enjoyed learning with Kerry. I was very nervous about the idea of driving but Kerry gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test. With her help I managed to pass first time. I highly recommend”

Mitch Moser 30/05/2017

“Having lost confidence in my first test due to nerves, Kerry helped me gain confidence back and helped me pass my test with flying colours. I learnt a lot from her and she is a very good instructor. I highly recommend.”

Elliott Holden  21/05/2017

“Great driving instructor very reliable and friendly also very competitive and is very patient would recommend  to anyone wanting to learn”

Scott Dobinson 13/04/2017

“Kerry is a really good driving instructor I started driving lessons in November and I passed first time on Thursday, she has helped me build up my confidence and taught me the skills needed. I would highly recommend as not only is she a good driving instructor but she is also friendly, which makes it easier to learn. Thank you Kerry:)”

Jessica Swannwright 12/04/2017


Kerry’s an amazing driving instructor, helped me pass first time after only driving for 5 months. Very friendly and great fun to drive with. Highly recommend learning to drive with Kerry, such a great experience!”

Harrison Rowland 06/12/2016


Amazing instructor, helped me pass my test! Would recommend to friends”

Billy Edwards 13/10/2016


I would highly recommend anyone to learn to drive with Kerry! I passed my test first time because of Kerry, and while learning with her there was never a dull moment- so easy to get along with and was so helpful. We had a great laugh. Thank you Kerry “

Jess Brinkley 12/10/2016


I passed my driving test first time having learnt with Kerry. I would highly recommend lessons with her as she is very friendly and encouraging and great at boosting confidence. Easy to get on with, patient and an exceptional teacher!”

Natasha Browning 27/07/2016

“Highly Recommend

I can highly recommend Kerry as a driving instructor. My son has had lessons with Kerry weekly since Feb this year and today passed his driving test first time. My daughter had lessons with Kerry a few years ago too. Both my children have enjoyed their lessons, quickly gained confidence and competence behind the wheel! Kerry’s a friendly person and both my children warmed to her and looked forward to their driving lessons. From a very satisfied parent. Nicky, Carshalton”

Nicky Hopper 26/07/2016

“kerry Bradley..miracle worker

I passed my test this morning under the tuition of ksm.. I never thought in a million yrs I could pass a driving test..my lack of confidence and self belief was rock bottom until kerry took me under her wing..brilliant teacher, lovely person.. Anyone who thinks they can’t…with kerry u can!”

Colin Blyth 07/07/2016


Kerry was brilliant instructor and a really friendly as well, she is amazing at what she does and without her I couldn’t first time”

Ellis Bassom 03/06/2016

“Can’t praise Kerry enough. Im sure with anyone else i wouldn’t have passed my test on the FIRST try. She made learning how to drive fun and leant good techniques on how to be safe on the road. Thanks a lot!! 10/10”

Robert Chaos 22/04/2016

“One of the best!

Kerry made learning to drive a exciting and enjoyable thing to do! Without Kerry I probably would not have passed first time she made the experience very easy going and gave me a lot of encouragement along the way. Couldnt recommend her more!”

Nick East 09/04/2016

“Best instructor!! Kerry is so lovely, patient and always there when you need support, 100% will be recommending KSM to anyone who is learning to drive Thankyou sooo much Kerry!”

Amber Thompson 22/03/2016

“Parents choice for an ethical driving instructor. HIGHLY recommend”

Gillian Brennan 09/03/2016

“Best instructor ever!

Kerry is caring, patient and supportive.

She supports you through both your theory test and practical test!

She always gives you the confident boost you need 🙂

I have loved every single minute.

Would highly recommend!

Thank you Kerry for being the best!❤️xxxx”

Lucy Brennan 09/03/2016

“Great Instructor!

I’ve been driving with Kerry for 12 months and passed 2nd time because of nerves. My experience with Kerry has been brillant, she really helps to improve and gives allot of guidance when driving. She’s very encouraging and positive throughout your time with her. Before the test she guided me and helped calm my nerves which really helped. If your looking for someone to drive with, KSM is the driving school to use!”

Bonnie Frost-Lewis 05/01/2016

“Absolutely amazing.  Could not have wished for a better instructor for my son…. who passed his test today 1st time.  You are amazing Kerry.  Look out January 2017 my next son will be calling you. X”

Lisa Moser 14/12/2015

“Kerry is a lovely, patient and informative driving teacher! Will be recommending her to everyone! Passed today, first time! Thank you for everything Kerry”

Robyn Hutchinson 14/12/2015


Been learning with Kerry for 8 months and past first time! Amazing instructor, gives you plenty of confidence and independence. She gives you productive feedback so you learn from your mistakes and begin to do things more naturally. Would 100% recommend KSM to anyone of any age who is interested in driving as Kerry is very welcoming and easy to get along with. Thank you KSM!”

Megan Manning 25/11/2015

“great instructor

Kerry is a fabulous instructor, she is easy to get along with, very patient and makes you feel at ease when you drive she helped me pass with flying colours. Highly recommend her if you want to learn to drive!!”

Jacob Marshall 15/10/2015

” Brilliant Instructor

Kerry is genuinely invested in you and your driving. She’s easy to talk to, patient and experienced at what she does. Could not have wished for a better teacher. Would highly recommend her. She managed to help me pass first time in just three months, amazing!”

Jess Marshall 18/09/2015

“Great Instructor

All my 3 sons have now leant with Kerry – All 3 passed first time, l would have no hesitation in recommending Kerry. Boys loved her, clear instructions, friendly and made learning to drive fun…”

Sharon Cooley 08/06/2015

” Highly Recommend!

Kerry is an amazing instructor, the lessons were always very calm and relaxed giving me confidence in my driving, she taught me all i needed to know and helped me to pass first time. I would highly recommend.”

Emily Good 28/05/2015

“Perfect instructor passed first time!

Kerry is a great instructor, very patient and made my time learning to drive really enjoyable. Really grateful to Kerry for helping me to pass first time, thank you for all your advice and help! Strongly recommend learning to drive with KSM x”

Matt Clarke 26/03/2015

“More than amazing…..

I have been taking lessons for so many months and took the test a couple of times. I was desperate for my driving licence. Then Kerry was recommended to me. I only had to take 4 lessons from her and then I passed the test next time. She is amazing. Very Professional .She is a person who gives not only technical support but also making you strong mentally. She changes your mindset to give you the courage, confidence and responsibility. That helps you for the rest of your life, not only for the driving test. Her intention is not to prepare you only for the test but for you to be a good driver from day one. Thanks Kerry ! You are the best ! I never forget you……”

Chamilla.S – 13/03/2015

“Amazing Women!!!

Before kerry I was very nervous behind the wheel, I had a handful of instructors.and I just couldn’t bring my self to the pass standard.. When kerry was recommended to me by my sis with in the first 2 lessons I was.doing things whilst chatting away that,I had not done before with such confidence.. She made me feel safe and secure whilst also at eaz.. Passing my driving test has been a very long journey for me and I just wish I had found kerry first as she Is amazing!! If your looking for an instructor that will not only help you pass and get the job done but make you a permanent good and safe driver kerry is definitely the way to go!!! Me and my baby girl could not be more thankful for all her help to get mama on the road 🙂 xxx”

Saira Ahmed – 21/2/2015

“Second to none!

Kerry is absolutely brilliant! Within a month of my test i changed instructor and was recommended Kerry, and with only 2 lessons she gave me the technique and confidence i was lacking and i managed to pass 1st time with only 1 minor! I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a top quality instructor.”

Dan Allingham – 10/02/2015


Amazing driving instructor! Helped me alot especially as i was very nervous. I passed first time and i would highly recommend! Thankyou Kerry for all your help!”

Eloisa Austin – 10/11/2014
” Excellent Instructor! I was worried about driving when I first started however with Kerry I always felt comfortable and at ease! You’re always able to have a laugh with Kerry and she’s amazing at making you feel confident and in control, something I struggled with. I couldn’t recommend Kerry enough to people wanting to learn how to drive, she’s a brilliant instructor and you’ll achieve great results. Thankyou Kerry! :)”
Kate Shields – 30/07/2014
“Top Class Instructor Kerry is a great teacher and her lessons are very good value. She explained the basic skills and manoeuvres clearly from the beginning which enabled me to progress quickly. Encouraging and positive she always picked up on where I needed to improve, ironing out bad habits and problems I was having. She guided me through the test beforehand which was great and I passed first time. Highly recommended!”
Ed Mcdonagh – 30/07/2014
“I passed first time with kerry and I lacked in self confidence at the start but kerry helped with this and I am more confident on the road now. With kerry you are sure to pass first time. Kerry is a lovely lady, who makes you laugh and happy whenever you have lesson and gives you the encouragement to succeed. Thanks kerry for everything couldn’t of done it with out you! : D”
Amber Bishop – 16/07/2014
“Kerry is amazing! Seriously if you guys want to pass and get the best results from your driving KSM is the place to go 🙂 she is so friendly and really understanding. I passed first time with only two minors and now just finished my Pass Plus. Trust me it must have taken a lot of patience for me 🙂
Thank you Kerry so much for everything.”
Daniel Cox 26/03/2014
I was new to the area, had a little bit of experience but wasn’t confident, Kerry gave me that and got me through my test! Just a truly great instructor!
Aaron Parsons 23/03/2014
I passed my test today after starting with Kerry just four months ago! Kerry has made me such a confident driver and I passed with only five minors, I’m so happy! 

Thanks Kerry! 
Grace Ritchie 13/02/2014
Learning with Kerry has been a great experience. I’ve developed physically and mentally in driving and would personally recommend her to anyone.
Naila Ahmed 09/02/2014
A BIG THANK YOU to Kerry Bradley for teaching my daughter Elly to drive, a highly recommended driving instructor who has taught all my children to drive.
Debbie McHugh 23/01/2014
“Best instructor
I started my driving lessons with a different instructor, I didn’t feel like I was learning enough and as quickly as I wanted too. My cousin gave me Kerry’s’ number. I booked a lesson and I felt so much more confident with Kerry and she made me relaxed. We had some great chats and laughs while I was learning. She is very Patient and professional. I would Highly recommend KSM to anyone!! After passing first time with only 5 minors I was very impressed!! 😀 Thank you Kerry!! xx
Alice Tilbrook 06/09/2013
“Kerry is an amazing instructor and really helped me get over my nerves. She gave me an amazing website to practise my theory on and helped my pass my practical first time which I wouldn’t of been able to do with anyone else! thankyou so much Kerry xxx”
Eden Wight 20/06/2013
“Kerry is an immense instructor, she’s always calm and relaxed and will teach you how to drive in a calm and collective environment. Thanks to Kerry i successfully passed my test and am happy that I have. I highly recommend KSM, easily the best their is, thank you so much Kerry!!! :D”
Tony Moore 10/06/2013
“Kerry is a fantastic driving instructor who makes you feel confident and at ease whilst you are driving. She is fun and friendly whilst remaining professional. Thanks to Kerry I passed both my theory and practical driving test first time. I would highly recommend KSM. Thank you so much Kerry!”
Kayleigh Miller
“Kerry is a great instructor, she makes you feel comfortable and confident when driving, I would recommend her to anyone looking to do their driving lesson she’s the best out there ! Thanks Kerry ! :)”
Jake Smith 14/05/2013
“TEAM KSM! Kerry is an amazing instructor! she is very calm and really helped me to learn how to drive and keep calm if I was nervous. I passed 1st time and would recommend Kerry to anyone wanting to learn how to drive. Thank you Kerry!:)”
Lucy Vaile 09/05/2013
“Kerry was an AMAZING driving instructor! She believed in me even when I doubted myself! Passing both theory and practical test first time proves KSM is the ONLY way to learn how to drive!!”
Tanya Da Costa
“‎Kerry is the best instructor! She is so lovely and makes you feel really relaxed. I passed my test first time and I would highly recommend her as a driving instructor :)”
Shaunna Morris 16/04/2013
“‎Thank you for being a fun calm confident and ‘brave’ instructor. Harry has thoroughly enjoyed his lessons!”
Jennie Vinson
“‎Kerry is an absolute legend!! She is a great driving instructor who was always patient with me even when I was doubting my own driving. Thanks to her I passed both my theory and practical first time which shows how much of a legend she really is. Thanks Kerry!”
James Clarke 02/04/2013
“‎Excellent instructor! After being unfortunate with the first driving instructor (she was a horrible person), a friend advised me to contact Kerry as she had a long standing experience as a driving instructor. I started to drive with Kerry just when I was able to handle the car on a main road. I have learned quickly and gained confidence in driving and also Kerry corrected my bad skills which my previous instructor was not able to explain to me! I only wish Kerry was my driving instructor right from the start. She is an excellent instructor, very competent, professional, friendly and funny! We had a great time when we were driving. Now that I have passed the test (second time round but with only four minor faults!), I miss lessons with Kerry. Kerry, you are great, thank you!”
Dotty Ramos 13/03/2013
“‎Kerry was a brilliant driving instructor. She was always friendly and calm and had confidence in my driving when I didn’t myself. She was such a great teacher that I passed my theory and practical test first time! I would highly recommend Kerry as a driving instructor. Thanks Kerry!”
Sarah Merrick
“‎”If in doubt, hang about” has actually become my motto for life now!! Easily the best driving instructor I’ve ever had and I’ve tried plenty.”
Caroline Warne
“I couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor! Thanks to her i passed my driving test first time! I would highly recommend her to anybody! X”
Harriet Short
“I was looking for another instructor and my friend suggested Kerry and he couldn’t have recommended anyone better. Kerry is able to keep you calm and relaxed in situations that you might panic! Kerry is friendly and approachable so if you have any worries about driving don’t hesitate to ask. I have had a fantastic time driving with Kerry 🙂 Thank you x”
Sophie James
“I really enjoyed learning to drive with Kerry. I was very nervous on my first lesson but she kept me calm and gave me clear instructions on what to do. Kerry is always on time for lessons and was always very accommodating if I needed to swap my lessons due to work. And with all her help and encouragement I passed my test FIRST TIME!! I would highly recommend Kerry to anyone!”
Emma Howard
“Kerry really is a great driving instructor. Brilliant at communicating both in terms of organizing lessons and in teaching. With 100% in my theory test and passing my practical first time I really couldn’t ask for any more. Thanks for all of your hard work Kerry :)”
Jack Bolt
“Having never driven a car before, I began learning with Kerry at the ripe old age of 32! I was extremely nervous, had zero confidence and pretty much terrified of driving. Kerry gave me the encouragement and confidence to not just get out on the road but also to pass my test first time! She provides clear, concise instruction, is extremely accommodating and genuinely gifted at her job. I can’t recommend her highly enough – and I miss our weekly chats :-)”
Martina Cronin
“Kerry is simply outstanding! She is patient and pushy when needed to make sure that one gets to the standard required to drive safely and confidently. She can quickly identify the areas of weakness and apply her vast knowledge and experience to help you improve with an impressive speed.”
Lucien D
“Fantastic instructor, made sure i knew all the basics properly without cutting corners. Always looked forward to my lessons and now will always be competent on the road. Will definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to learn how to drive!”
Ashwin Kohli
“Kerry has been fantastic! Have passed my theory and practical tests first time, which is completely down to the way she’s taught me.”
Jane Poole
“Kerry is amazing, she is a very good teacher and I learnt a lot from her. She is very easy to talk to and is helpful, I would highly recommend her.”
Megan Looney
“Kerry is a great instructor to have, she is patient, easy to work with and also very helpful which made the lessons successful and got me through my test having learnt everything I needed to know. I would recommend her in the future to others.”
Louisa Scannapieco
“Kerry was a great driving instructor, I would highly recommend her. She gave me plenty of encouragement, and motivation. She is a lovely lady and very easy to talk to. I enjoyed my driving lessons, and thanks to Kerry I have now turned into a confident independent driver.”
Katie Smith 05/01/2012
“I would highly recommend Kerry. She gave me great confidence and made me very chilled and relaxed, we could also have a laugh at the same time. I passed both my theory and practical 1st time ”
Stephanie Lodge
“Kerry is a fantastic driving instructor. She built up my confidence in driving and made me feel very calm and relax in lesson and before my practical driving test. She has a great way of explaining thing. Kerry is a lovely person who you could have a chat to and a laugh, you learn better when you’re having fun. I would look forward to my lessons each week with Kerry. I passed my theory first time and my practical driving test first time with just 7 minors. I’m sad that I won’t get to see Kerry each week but I am so grateful for having her as my driving instructor as she has played a big part in my life this year and helped my achieve my driving licenses.”
Stephanie Draper 18/04/2012
“‎Kerry was my son’s driving instructor; he really enjoyed his lessons and always looked forward to the next one. He told me Kerry always explained things clearly and always listened to what he had to say, which gave him lots of confidence. He passed first time with only 2 minors and has now been driving for 2 years. I would highly recommend Kerry!”
Nicki Iles